Portable Cloud

A mobile system equipped with seating and a misting
mechanism that creates a ‎temporary, dynamic space
for “wet” social activity during the hot summer ‎months,
Portable Cloud provides an opportunity for cool,
amusing interruptions ‎of the urban space.

The Cloud invites passersby to move through it, to
relax, and ‎to enjoy a cold mist of water that is sprayed
at intervals on a warm summer day.‎ A construction site
in the city that restricts the movement of the residents
and ‎causes frustration during the day will be

transformed in the afternoon into a ‎source of smiles:
an oasis of ease in the midst of chaos. The facility is a
mobile ‎station whose center is occupied by an inflatable
“cloud” constructed with pipes ‎that transport air and
water. The water system makes economical use of the ‎

existing irrigation technology.
An informal seating-arrangement is scattered ‎around
the Cloud. This mobile station could be set-up in
different locations in the ‎city for different periods of
time, ranging from a few hours to a couple of days.

It ‎is attached to a tow truck that is opened on all sides
to this temporary functional ‎space – easily set-up and
user-friendly. The structure publicly states: “This city is
‎rejuvenating” and “This city cares for its residents.”‎

The Ananayad project was executed in collaboration
with Sharon Danzig
Client: International Biennale of
Landscape Urbanism, Bat Yam, Israel
Year: 2010