Private Home in Tivon

This two-story house is located on the slopes of
the eastern hills of Kiryat Tivon facing the Jezreel
Valley, in Israel’s majestic north.
The perimeter of the house was designed to
extend beyond its actual bounds so as to enclose

the experience of the outdoors and lend a sense
of spaciousness. The larger openings, which were
planned with careful attention paid to their
orientation, grant views of the expansive
landscape beyond and invite witnessing of the

changing seasons. Other windows are more subtly
located; they emerge from closets and give
surprising glimpses of the outside looking in and
from the inside looking out.
The building is comprised of a number of linked

volumes of varying sizes and functions. A subtle
differentiation of color and detailing distinguishes
the exterior of each volume: from aluminum
frames on various openings and metal shutters to
the doors of the house. The playful use of color

is supplemented by materials such as glass,
cement, metal, wood, and PVC screens, which
form an additional layer and lend a slightly
industrial sensibility.
In many respects this house emits a sense of

concealed experiences that occur inside a tree
house: the experience of discovery, of
hide-and-seek, of keeping lookout; alternative
ways of ascending and descending, entering and
exiting, opening and closing — an invitation to

take part in a game.
Though natural light and ventilation is a
prominent feature of the entire house, it is
possible to control these factors with minimal
effort. The house benefits from a pleasant

climate much of the year.

Garden design: Orna Ben Ziony, Arch.,
and Beeri Ben Shalom, Arch.
Preparations, specifications,
and permits: Ella Lesnik