Thoughts About Creation

Site-specific installation at the WIZO Academy for
Art and Design in Haifa, presented as part of the
exhibition 10x10x14. The 14-meter-high sculpture
was situated at the center of the building. A stainless
steel linear element at the roof skylight

along with another linear element from the top, start
their journey down towards the ground floor.
A wooden patch joins the abstract composition in the
air and gradually turns it into a three-dimensional
form. As this form descends, it slowly turns into a

surface that lands on the floor in a form of a table.
The analogy of this project is about the process of
creation from its source of "light," or inspiration
taken through to its realization. The thought that
begins as some written words, a sketch, or a draft,

gradually starts to take shape as a few lines, a shape,
and then a form, until it turns into something tangible
and concrete – a paragraph, a three-dimensional form
– that becomes part of reality.

The resulting table symbolizes the “drawing board,”
the place where new thoughts are born.
Client: WIZO Academy for Art and Design,
Haifa, Israel
Year: 2003