Vivace is a stackable chair that can just as easily be
used in conference settings as in fashionable coffee
shops. The chair is the result of a design process
seeking to improve upon the writing chair, whose
hinged swinging writing surface –

an integral part of the chair’s design – often looks
like an added appendage.
Vivace was initially designed for the Zenobio Institute
in Venice, Italy. The special character of the city of
Venice, and the relationship between the water and

the city’s architecture, served as a source of inspiration
for the design of the chair.

The chair was executed in collaboration
with Arsenio Garcia Monsalve.

“The chair design embodies many of the themes that
drove the furniture designed by Charles and Ray Eames.
It is elegant, light, ergonomic with a minimal structure
and it is easy to manufacture. It is an exciting new
interpretation of a classic problem. The combination

of a seat, back and arm that flowed into legs gave the
chair a strong sculptural presence. The simple, direct
use of material makes this chair easy to manufacture
and assemble. And finally the chair is designed to
stack. The sophisticated level of integration of so many

factors into a realistic solution made this a clear
gold award winner.”

Craig Vogel, IDSA 1999 Industrial Design
Excellence Awards
Winner, IDSA 1999 Industrial
Design Excellence Award
Year: 1999