Waste - Stitched Bowls

This is a continuous research project that arose from
a mishmash of waste materials that caught the eye,
and turned into an active gathering of items that were
discarded but hold wonderful potential for
transformation into functional creations.

The waste materials were carefully sorted by substance,
color, and texture to define a particular palette. They
were then reassembled in order to create a new
material with its own DNA – a sort of rich, abstract
collage made out of layers of material pressed by

colorful threads and delicately sewn together by an
industrial sewing machine. The first out-of-studio
implementation of this design approach took place at
Ramat Hanadiv's Visitors Pavilion InfoShop. A special
collaboration with Ramat Hanadiv’s workers, all details

of inserts, containers, and handles in the InfoShop are
made out of Ramat Hanadiv waste.

At this time, the studio is using this method to create
a new series of forms and objects.